バイオマス燃料から気体燃料を生成することを「バイオマスガス化 (biomass gasification)」とよび,その発熱量を補うために石炭などの化石燃料と混ぜてガス化することを共ガス化 (co-gasification) とよぶ[1-3].


The improved ion source design Extended Life Source 3 (Eterna ELS3) together with its proprietary co-gas material implementation has demonstrated >300 hours of stable continuous operation when using carbon and germanium ion beams. Optimizing cogas chemistries retard the cathode erosion rate for germanium and carbon minimizes the adverse effects of oxygen when reducing gas is introduced for carbon. The proprietary combination of hardware and co-gas has improved source stability and the results of the hardware and co-gas development are discussed.

The strike plate experiment was repeated using hydrogen as a source material (with Argon as a co-gas). Again, for calculated D+ beam current of 1.3 PA, the measured neutron dose rate was not distinguishable from background.

Axcelis Optima HDx High Current Implanter Achieves New Industry Milestone In Source Life Performance

The compact, cost effective design combines both source and co-gas in a single cylinder, minimizing space requirements and simplifying maintenance.