service equipment, service entrance equipment

Electrical Services — Part 2 | Understanding requirements for service entrance conductors and service equipment:

Sidebar: Key Definitions

Service point
The point of connection between the serving utility and the premises wiring.

Service conductors
The conductors from the service point to the service equipment (the service disconnecting means, not the meter). Service entrance conductors may be either overhead (service drop) or underground (service lateral), or there might not be any at all.

Service equipment
The necessary equipment, usually consisting of circuit breakers or switches and fuses and their accessories, connected to the load end of service conductors at a structure (or an otherwise designated area) and intended to constitute the main control and cutoff of the electrical supply. Service equipment doesn't include metering components, such as the meter and meter socket enclosure [230.66].

What is service equipment? definition and meaning:

service equipment
The equipment located at the point of entry of supply conductors to a building intended to control and, if necessary, cut off the electrical supply to that building. Consists of a circuit breaker or switch and fuses.

Service entrance equipment - homewyse definition:

service entrance equipment includes the electric power meter, a central disconnect switch and the circuit distribution panel.

電気電子用語大事典』(オーム社)には、「service conductor(引込導線)」「service drop(架空引込み、引込線、サービスドロップ)」「service entrance wirig(引込口配線)」「service lateral(サービスラテラル)」などが解説してある。